Media Release

Zoe Slusar – Zhee the Free

April 24, 2019

Zhee first discovered the ReFreshed Crew when she came to University and was able to reignite her connections to the Indigenous community and ceremony. After volunteering for one session, she was fully committed to being part of the program. As a member of the ReFreshed Crew, she most enjoys the opportunity to be able to share her love of emcee with the youth that inspires her to do more with musical expression. Zhee is so appreciative of the community that builds throughout the semester of ReFreshed Crew and is enthusiastic about sharing the art that has pushed her forward in life. Growing up, Zhee felt socially alone and hip hop was one of the most prominent elements that helped her connect to people. Through any of the major struggles she experienced, music has always been there as a way to help process pain, stress, and frustration. Zhee considers herself lucky to have traveled to every continent and being able to explore the world. Fun fact: her first time behind a microphone was when she began doing cartoon voiceovers at the age of 11!