Media Release

Rommel “Rascal” Labrado

April 24, 2019

Rommel who is known by the name of “Rascal” is a hip-hop dancer with ReFreshed Crew. Rascal fell in love with hip-hop culture because of its empowering and liberating qualities. His main goal is to be an advocate for the ways that hip-hop can help to steer you in all directions of life. Joining ReFreshed Crew felt like a natural fit for Rascal as he felt they held and practiced the same beliefs as his own. Rascal is constantly amazed by the talent, energy, and love that ReFreshed brings to his life. If he could offer one piece of advice to anyone it would be to, “always move with purpose.” Aside from spending his time with ReFreshed, Rascal loves the movie Interstellar and his favorite musical instrument is the saxophone.