Media Release

Katie Dick

April 24, 2019

Katie fell in love with the power of words as an art form. She feels as though hip-hop brings a sense of realness and rawness to those who observe it. Katie began working with ReFreshed in July 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. She loves the personal connections that she gets to make with the youth she works with and enjoys being surrounded with like-minded people. Katie is constantly driven by the talented and dedicated workers and youth that are also a part of ReFreshed. Katie works to incorporate art into any, and all aspects of her life. This includes watching, creating and writing art. Katie refers to art as, “finding her superpower, and learning how to own it.” Once she accepted that art was her calling she found that it appeared in everything that she was doing. She enjoys practicing tradition and her spirituality, as well as showing people how scary, but beautiful the world we live in is. Katie believes the success of ReFreshed stems from their unity.